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Hola!! tengo un exclusivo para ustedes se trata de esto ( esta en ingles , lo iva a traducir pero como no es exacta no pude) :

Okay I just have to tell you some of the new goodies to come. Sorry I can’t show the photos since they are not to be shared and can be sued so I can tell you what I do know.

Two new Characters are coming.

Gigi the Genie and Twyla, daughter of the boogie man.
Twyla is the size of Howleen and Gigi looks tall like Nefera but hard to say from a picture. Feel free to ask any questions about them. I have seen them so they are real.

With the 13 wishes line, they have Clawdeen, Draculaura and Frankie.

Then they have a Cleo with Beach set and Spectra with a vanity type thing that closes. Maybe what the inside of the genie bottle looks like?

Then there is a Draculaura vanity.

Lagoona is also in this line and the ugliest doll I seen with YELLOW HAIR!!!

Also shown is Ghouls Night out dolls.

Spectra, Lagoona, and Rochelle. There is a Howleen that is sooooo cute but Unsure if Ghouls Night out line or not.

This is all I have seen myself. So some exciting stuff to come! :)

esto lo ha dicho una chica en su pagina de facebok ¿ de que se tratara? seguid aqui para mas informacion

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